Email Service Providers for Rails

Sending email (transactional and marketing) is part of most every web application. At work our project is nearing its first public release and we are talking about emails the application may be sending. The emails we know the application will...

Node Knockout

This past weekend I participated in Node Knockout with three teammates: Paul Armstrong, Zach Johnson, and Nate Kadlac. Nate and I have worked together on Train Brain, I met Paul through work at a previous employer, and Zach through Paul,...

Tools For Software Projects

In the last couple of years I have worked as an employee and as a freelancer doing software development with Ruby on Rails and Cocoa for the iPhone. The projects have been new projects started from scratch with small budgets....

Moving A Rails App to Heroku

This website runs on an open source blogging application I developed called Rehash. The application has always been deployed on a virtual private server but I wanted to try moving it to Heroku.

Bmore on Rails

Tonight I attended my first meeting of the monthly Bmore on Rails User Group. We recently relocated from Minneapolis to Baltimore. In addition to the monthly technical talk, there are social events nights, and hack nights.

RubyConf 2009

Attending RubyConf was a lot of fun because I was able to combine a personal vacation ahead of the trip, then meet my coworker at the start of the conference.