Stats-driven Lens Shopping with Ruby

I developed the script photo_stats.rb to move through date-based folders of photos, and grab EXIF data (thanks to the exifr gem) for each photo. The script calculates the mean focal distance of all the photos, sums photos at the widest...

F1 Webchallenge Team Recap

This year I participated in the F1 Web Challenge. The event brings together teams of programmers, designers, and project managers with non-profit organizations. The goal is to build a professional website for the non-profit in less than 24 hours, and...

Rails Deployments

This September I deployed two Rails applications with different stacks, and I wanted to share the details.

WindyCityRails Conference 2008

My notes from the WindyCityRails 2008 1-day conference held Saturday September September 20th, 2008 in Chicago. This conference was for the Ruby on Rails framework. I traveled from Minneapolis for the conference.

Twin Cities Code Camp 2006

Today I’m attending the Twin Cities Code Camp, a free conference with sessions on .NET, testing, Ajax, and web services. Here are summaries of the morning sessions I attended.