With git commands and bash scripting we can clean up old branches quickly.

The final solution looks like this:

g old | head -n5 | xargs bash -c 'git branch -D $@; git push origin --delete $@;' bash

Breaking it down

  1. We can list branches by the date they were committed to, with the oldest at the top. This is added as a git alias.
  2. Branch names output is limited with head and -n, for example for 5 items: head -n5
  3. xargs provides each branch name as $@ substituted in to each of the following git commands.
  4. git commands to delete the branch locally and from a remote named origin are executed for each branch name.

Listing old git branches

Add the following alias to your ~/.gitconfig.

  old = for-each-ref --sort=committerdate --format='%(refname:short)' refs/heads/

Deleting a single branch

When I no longer want a branch locally or on the remote server, I use this function to delete both at once:

function gdel { git branch -D $1; git push origin --delete $1; }