I joined Jason Swett recently on his podcast and had a great time. The podcast topic was PostgreSQL Table Partitioning and how developers can use it. We also discussed the 2024 edition of Sin City Ruby, a conference Jason organizes and is running for the second time next year.

The conference will be held in March of 2024 in Las Vegas.

I attended in 2022, but this time around I’m honored to announce that I’ll be speaking at Sin City Ruby 2024. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to create a great presentation involving PostgreSQL and of course Ruby.

Sin City Ruby 2024

Sin City Ruby was a new small single-track conference launched by Jason in 2022. I attended and had a great time. I met Jason there and a number of other Ruby programmers that I’ve stayed in touch with.

Smaller single-track conferences with a lot of time in between sessions are great for meeting people and networking. 😁

I’m looking forward to the 2024 edition and meeting more people! The speaker line-up looks really good.

Episode Details

190 - PostgreSQL with Sin City Ruby Speaker Andrew Atkinson

This is the second time being a guest on Code With Jason. Last year we met for Episode 160 - PostgreSQL with Andrew Atkinson after I’d spoke at RailsConf 2022 and discussed some topics related to that presentation.

Some of the topics we discussed are below.

Wrap Up

Thanks for reading! 👋