These are some useful Vim plugins I’ve tried out and recommend.

  • vim-vinegar is a quick way (with -) to open the directory for the current file using netrw.

  • goyo changes the way text is displayed, making it nicer for writing documentation and blog posts. I have leader-z configured to toggle the goyo display.

  • vim-airplane is a nice status bar.

  • ctrlp-funky is a plugin for CtrlP, which is a fuzzy finding plugin. leader-p brings up CtrlP, and leader-b brings up a most-recently-used buffer list, which also supports fuzzy finding by name. A feature from Textmate I was missing was a list of function names, that I could fuzzy find on. The ctrlp-funky extension adds this functionality to CtrlP.

  • vim-sparkup is nice for writing HTML snippets and expanding them. C-e expands div.container to <div class="container"></div>, puts the cursor in between the tag, and enters insert mode.

What are your favorite Vim plugins?