Product Screenshots

A non-comprehensive list of products (websites, apps, etc.) developed as an Employee, contractor, or in my spare time as an enthusiast/aspiring founder 😀.

OrderUp (acquired by Groupon)

As en Employee of OrderUp, I worked on the main Consumer Website, Back-end Admin tool, mobile Apps and the API (Consumer & Driver Partner)

OrderUp Consumer Website


As the first outside Software Engineer hired at Lengio, I helped build the MVP web application product, develop the go-to-market strategy, and participate in the Mass Challenge accelerator.

Lengio Product Screenshot
Lengio Product Screenshot


PetConnect (created as side project, intended to commercialize, partnered with designer Derrick Schippert for the MVP and logo design). Ruby on Rails SaaS web app for pet care companies — track services, invoice, collect payment. Abandoned product.

PetConnect Website
PetConnect Enrollment Form

Train Brain and Bus Brain

Train Brain and Bus Brain iOS apps (side projects, partnered with designer Nate Kadlac for all design services: website, app icon, mobile app and more). View departure information with a couple taps.

Train Brain iOS screenshot
TrainBrain iOS App
Bus Brain website
Bus Brain Promo Website

LivingSocial (acquired by Groupon)

LivingSocial (web site screenshots, employee). Worked on various consumer web e-commerce projects — travel deals, user acquisition, promotions.

LivingSocial Travel deals booking calendar screenshot
Escapes travel booking calendar
LivingSocial deals index page
LivingSocial Deals Page

Node Knockout

Node Knockout (Node.js programming competition, team member). Web visitor interaction data visualized as a heatmap.

Node Knockout Jackalope screenshot
Node Knockout Jackalope Screenshot

Client Work

Freelance web development work for client. Mobile website development. Worked as a subcontractor with various contracting companies. Met with and provided training for clients.

Product Screenshot
Client Website development

Socialcast (acquired by VMWare)

Socialcast (employee). Web application for internal communication. SaaS business model.

Socialcast Product Screenshot
Socialcast Product Screenshot