External Projects

Personal Projects

  • Notify Me - Creator. Sinatra app. “Start building a subscriber list before your product launches”
  • Seedster - Gem author. Developed at Groupon. Easily maintain local Rails app development data using real content
  • Dev Dump - Dump and load DB table data with encryption, extracted Ruby gem
  • Core NLP gem - Gem author. Extracted at Lengio. Light Ruby interface to Stanford’s Java-based CoreNLP tool.
  • Promo Slide - jQuery plugin creator. Web page marketing component. Written in Coffeescript. 👉 Live Demo and Promotional Site
  • Singstar - Created a Mobile/searchable website for PS3 karaoke song list for parties! 👉 Live demo
  • shuttle_schedule - Sinatra app to display shuttle bus schedule and stations!
  • minimail - Minimail sends emails from ruby apps using mail

From 2009-2013 I created and maintained two apps in the iOS App Store, related to public transit. These apps provided train and bus schedule information for riders.

After abandoning plans to turn these apps into a business, I open sourced the code.

TrainBrain and BusBrain.

  • “New Train Brain app should ease life for light rail riders” 1
  • “Put down the bus schedule, pick up your phone” 2
  • “Beetle Fight ships Bus Brain mobile app” 3