Hey there! My book High Performance PostgreSQL for Rails just went into print last week!

As part of celebrating this milestone, we’ve got a series of promotional appearances lined up to explore Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL in general and help explain why prospective readers may benefit from the book.

To kick things off, I recently met with Phil Smy who runs a popular YouTube channel with videos on Ruby on Rails and more.

Phil and I met briefly in person at RailsConf 2024 this past May and discussed this interview as Phil was interested in the book and we thought it might benefit Phil’s audience.

I think the interview turned out nicely. It’s about 30 minutes long and we covered how Ruby on Rails developers use their databases via Active Record and by writing SQL, whether their indexes are helping their queries, and most importantly, how to pronounce PostgreSQL. Postgres? Postgres-cue-ell? :)

Check out “Mastering PostgreSQL for Rails: An Interview with Andy Atkinson” below and please let us know what you thought by leaving comments here or on YouTube.

We’d love for you to share this post or a link to the video in your networks or for anyone that might be interested in the topics.

Video Interview

P.S. To celebrate the print availability of the book, we’ve got a discount code for 40% off the ebook version. Use code AAPSQLCOMPLETE at checkout to get the discount.

To read ratings and reviews for the book, please visit my book page.

Check out Phil’s page: https://philsmy.com/mastering-postgresql-for-rails-an-interview-with-andy-atkinson/

Thank you!