On August 8, 2023 I had the chance to present to the San Francisco Bay Area PostgreSQL User Group (SFPUG) on our case study for a recent online table partitioning migration. The main tools we used were PostgreSQL 13 and the pgslice gem.

If you’re unfamiliar with partitioning, check out PGSQL Phriday #011 — Sharding and Partitioning which provides a short overview of Sharding and Partitioning and how they are useful.

The presentation is titled “Partitioning Billions of Rows Without Downtime” and was given earlier this year at PGDay Chicago.

Check out the embedded presentation below or hop over to YouTube.

For the slides version, check out my post PGDay Chicago 2023 Conference which also describes my conference experience at PGDay Chicago.

I’d love to hear any feedback you have on the presentation, slides, or learn about your table partitioning experiences. Get in touch with me through my contact form or on Social Media.

Thanks for taking a look! 👋