In a past job we used delayed_job to process background jobs. Delayed Job Web is a UI for Delayed Job. We need help finding a new maintainer for Delayed Job Web!

Unfortunately I no longer work with Delayed Job and can’t focus on the maintenance of it. New pull requests continue to be submitted and many have languished for months or even years. Delayed Job itself continues to be a popular project. So Delayed Job Web really deserves an active maintainer, helping guide the development, merging pull requests, writing documentation etc.

I enjoyed this opportunity to help out on the development and maintenance of this project. Probably the most urgent thing as of now would be to go through the Pull requests and provide feedback, or merge the ones that make sense. The dependencies may also be out of date and a good place to start for new development may be upgrading those.

Are you interested in doing that? Please get in touch. The best way is probably to get involved on the existing Pull requests, and make it known that you’d like to help with the maintenance.