Wemux is a way to do remote pairing (collaborative code development) with less bandwidth, compared with a full graphical interface.

With tmux I can have windows and panes dedicated to code, log files, and consoles, and share all of that with a collaborator.

We used the following steps to set up a remote user on OS X to connect to my tmux session:

  • Install tmux and wemux.
  • add a “pair” user in OS X, using the control panel. I gave the user an easy password.
  • in the “sharing” control panel, enable remote access for user “pair”. I disabled access when we were no longer pairing.

At this point I was able to share my external IP address with a co-worker who was able to connect to my tmux session.


Wemux has a lot of features I hope to try out. If you’re interested in pairing on some open source code, let me know!