Bill Heyman from Code Morphic led a discussion on some topics from WWDC 2009 and iPhone 3.0 SDK features.

  • CoreLocation adds compass data.
  • OpenGL ES 2.0. Takes advantage of new GPU in iPhone 3G S hardware.
  • Grand Central Dispatch available in Snow Leopard.
  • Clang and LLVM briefly. Clang will be part of Xcode.
  • “External accessory” third party hardware devices connected through the dock connector. “made for ipod” program.
  • Augmented Reality briefly. Related book: Augmented Reality: A Practical Guide
  • CoreData now available on the iPhone
  • GameKit briefly. Networking and communication capabilities for any app, typically games.
  • Push notification and in-app purchases briefly.

I hope to attend more CocoaHeads meetings in Minneapolis in the future.