Use a Password Manager

Password managers have been around for a while, but I’ve been skeptical about using them and was turned off to the recurring billing model (more on that later).

5 Great Apps for OS X

These are 5 great OS X apps I use almost every day. Give them a shot. If you find they are useful for you, send the app developers a “thank you” and consider giving them a donation!

Filling out PDF forms with PDFtk

At work we collect IRS W9 forms from our independent contractor partners each year. This year we wanted to automate the process of collecting the information, by allowing the contractors to supply their information through their existing app.

Stack Dive with RunKeeper

Doug Williams and Joe Bondi from RunKeeper gave a technical talk at the WeWork Boston South Station location in December 2014, as part of the Stack Dive series. The talk explored the technical stack that supports the app and web...