Encrypting and Decrypting with Ruby

For a recent project I had the opportunity to research how we might encrypt a few pieces of data, with a shared key and initial value, and I put together the following notes. This is mostly re-hashing the OpenSSL:Cipher documentation...

How I Work

These are some of the software development patterns that have emerged from how I work, where taking certain actions tend to lead to the best outcomes, in the shortest amount of time. Please share any questions or concerns and thanks...

A Quick Look at GraphQL

GraphQL is a technology from Facebook, in use since 2012, that is an alternative to REST APIs, providing the ability to both query data and transport it from a server to a client.

RailsConf 2017

I had the privilege of attending RailsConf this April in sunny Phoenix, AZ. This was my third time attending the conference, my first since 2010 and 2011 when it was held back-to-back in Baltimore, MD.

Calendar Generation with Sparse Data

At work, our drivers interact with a calendar interface via the mobile app, that represents days of the week in 30 minute blocks. We generate 2 weeks of calendar days at once and personalize the data to the driver. The...

This Week in Rails

“This Week in Rails” is a weekly newsletter, started by Godfrey Chan, that covers a week’s worth of interesting changes to the Ruby on Rails framework.