Andy is a senior software engineer with Groupon.

He tends to be more of a "product-focused engineer" and enjoys collaborating with software development team members focused on various disciplines including product management, design, growth, marketing, and revenue.


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Speaking opportunities

Andy gave a talk in Buenos Aires, Argentina about how his team applied Lean Startup principles to their work at LivingSocial. Blog post.

En marzo del 2013 empecé a trabajar con el equipo de LetsBonus en Barcelona, España. LetsBonus es una filial de LivingSocial.

Volunteering as a programmer

Andy was part of a team for the Overnight Website Challenge event, and has acted as a photographer and mentor for Rails Girls events.

He became a contributing editor for the This Week in Rails newsletter in 2015 (Blog post).

Open Source
  • Core NLP gem - Gem author. Developed at Lengio. Light Ruby interface to Stanford's Java-based CoreNLP tool.
  • Delayed Job Web gem - Gem maintainer. Web interface to delayed job (Ruby-based background processing).
  • Promo Slide - jQuery plugin author. Web page marketing component. Written in Coffeescript.
  • Ruby on Rails - Committer to Ruby web framework. Small fixes.