Andrew (Andy) is a Software Engineer who specializes in building high performance web applications using PostgreSQL and Ruby on Rails.

Andrew wrote a book High Performance PostgreSQL for Rails, published by Pragmatic Programmers in 2024.

Andrew has spoken at conferences and on podcasts. The conferences include PGDay Chicago, PGConf NYC, RailsConf, and RubyConf Argentina.

The podcasts include been a guest on Ruby Rogues, Remote Ruby, The Ruby on Rails podcast, Rails Changelog, Slow & Steady, Code With Jason, Ruby for All, Rubber Duck Dev Show, and more!

When not at a computer, Andrew spends time with his family and friends in the Minneapolis, MN, USA area, or watching the Timberwolves (NBA)! 🏀


Andrew earned two Bachelors (B.A.Sc. and B.A.) degrees from the University of Minnesota, which included one semester in Toledo, Spain at the Fundación José Ortega y Gasset.


I cannot recommend Andy highly enough for an engineering position at your company. His communication skills, candor, and thoughtfulness will bring tremendous value to any company that he joins. - Director of Product Management

Andrew is a great person to have on a team because of his communication skills and patience to mentor and train other developers. - CTO

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