Work experience

Apps and websites:

OrderUp Website, Back-end tools, Apps/API (Consumer, and Driver)
PetConnect PetConnect
PetConnect (side project, partnered with designer Derrick S.). Ruby on Rails SaaS web app for pet care companies — track services, invoice, collect payment.
Train Brain screenshot bus brain screenshot
Train Brain and Bus Brain iOS apps (side projects, partnered with designer Nate K.). View departure information with a couple taps.
LivingSocial screenshot LivingSocial screenshot
LivingSocial (web site screenshots, employee). Worked on various consumer web e-commerce projects — travel deals, user acquisition, promotions.
Node Knockout Jackalope screenshot
Node Knockout (Node.js programming competition, team member). Web visitor interaction data visualized as a heatmap.
product screenshot
Freelance web development client project. Mobile web site for sales team.
product screenshot
Socialcast (employee). Web application for internal communication. SaaS business model.