Hi 👋

I’m Andrew, and I’d love to help you tune and optimize your 🐘 PostgreSQL database operations.

I’m offering 50 minute coaching sessions where we’ll work together on your specific challenges.

Who are coaching sessions meant for?

Coaching sessions are meant for smaller tech teams or even solo founders. They’re using PostgreSQL and their platform has achieved some success and growth, and they’re now facing some challenges.

These teams are looking to quickly acquire specialized database operations knowledge, to solve their problems. Clients are usually CTOs, VP Engs, or other hands-on senior engineers, wishing to rapidly grow their knowledge and skills.

I’m providing my knowledge, skills, and past experiences in PostgreSQL and Ruby on Rails consulting, applied to your specific problems.

How will we stay organized?

First we’ll discuss the issues you’re facing. I’ll keep a shared document of notes. Prior to and after the meeting, we’ll continue to use the document to ask and answer questions.

Sometimes we’ll solve issues within a single session, and for other issues you might decide to hire me for multiple sessions to continue working on more demanding issues.

Example Topics from Past Sessions

Clients are usually interested in improving performance and reliability, and might have a current problematic query or set of issues.

I also like helping clients build their knowledge and skills gradually. Some example topics we might work on are:

  • Collecting and interpreting query execution plans
  • Designing supportive and helpful indexes for your queries
  • PostgreSQL-specific observability, why and how
  • Improving DevOps practices for database changes
  • Connecting to instances and leveraging internal PostgreSQL information
  • Tuning parameters for your specific challenges

Session Logistics

  • 50 minute sessions, starting on the hour, Thursdays, between 9AM and 4PM Central Time (UTC−06:00)
  • Client self-schedules using Calendly below
  • Calendly questions will ask for your business contact name, title, email, business name, URL, and mailing address
  • We’ll meet using Google Hangouts
  • Up to 2 people on the client company side can attend, and sessions may be recorded
  • First session must be paid in advance. Subsequent sessions are billed after.
  • Multi-session discounts are available, or start with a single session

We’ll be most efficient together when…

  • You’re already using PostgreSQL observability tools like PgAnalyze or PgHero, or need help setting those up
  • You’re running PostgreSQL hosted on the Heroku, AWS, Crunchy Bridge, or GCP platforms
  • You can modify PostgreSQL parameters, find and use your postgresql.log, or need help learning to do those things
  • If you’re not familiar with query stats, reading query plans or designing specialized indexes, we’ll work on that!

How much?

I’m offering sessions at $300/session, with the first being paid in advance. A multi-session discount is available when prepaying for 4 sessions.

For payment information, please read my Client Payments Guide PDF.

I also offer consulting where coaching is included.

Recommendations 🤝

We hired Andrew to help us better understand the PostgreSQL database operations for our Rails apps. Andrew helped us look at a variety of issues and provided guidance and recommendations. - Kevin, CTO, Clearscope

Andrew helped us tune PostgreSQL parameters, build our multi-database integration, and optimize queries. - Brendan, VP of Engineering

Andrew provided our team with training on query plans and indexes, then rewrote an important query, greatly improving the performance. - John, Director of Engineering

Let’s Talk

For your first scheduled and pre-paid session, we’d dive straight into the problems you’re facing.

If you have questions prior to that, please contact me by email and I will typically respond within a couple of days.

If you’re considering a consulting engagement, I offer a no obligation 30 minute discovery call.

If you’re ready to book a coaching session, please reserve a time using the calendar below!