Add some personality to remote work

Remote work can make it more difficult to remember that we're all working with other humans that are unique and have their own personality, quirks, interests and aspirations.

Remote workers rely on technologies to help stay connected with their teammates, with the underlying goal of high quality communication, to work on the right things and stay motivated.

Here are a few simple ways to help this process along:

  • Set an avatar on all company services. Having a picture helps people find and identify you.
  • Turn your video on during video calls
  • Use a microphone or headset on calls. Your colleagues will appreciate clear audio and no echoes.
  • Try for bright video. Position yourself with light in front of you. Talking to a silhouette is awkward.
  • Use emoticons, emojis, Slack reactions, gifs etc. This helps show personality. If this is distracting, dedicate a chat room to joking around.
  • Be responsive on chat. I try to respond with my availability if I can't answer something right away, and keep vacation calendars up to date (over communicate on this).
  • Hop on video calls and pair up on problems (with multiple cursors). Collaborating helps build camaraderie. Pairing is my preferred way to teach and learn.
  • Experiment with remote meetings that are just for fun, such as a happy hour or online game night.

Please send any other tips or suggestions on how you add personality to remote work!