These are 5 great OS X apps I use almost every day. Give them a shot. If you find they are useful for you, send the app developers a “thank you” and consider giving them a donation!

  • Spectacle 1 — move windows around with keyboard shortcuts
  • Itsycal 2 — menu bar calendar
  • MacDown 3 — Markdown editor
  • Cyberduck 4 — S3 client
  • LICEcap 5 — simple animated GIFs


Spectacle has a straightforward design and easy-to-learn shortcuts. I use shortcuts to resize and move windows to 50% of the screen every day. Resizing and moving windows around is particulary useful moving from working on an external monitor to a laptop screen.


Itsycal shows the day of the month, and makes it easy to navigate back and forth by month. When discussing project timelines at work, having a quick calendar to reference is very convenient.


A stylish Markdown editor that works well. Open source! Mou is what I used previously but MacDown works even better. Can also be installed via Homebrew Cask 6 with brew cask install macdown. Thanks for the tip Dan!


Cyberduck has been around for a long time. Open source, GPL license! In the past I used it as an FTP client, but these days I use it as an Amazon S3 client.


Really simple animated GIFs. Open source, GPL license! The GIFs loop by default. The size and number of repetitions can be customized. Thanks for the tip Rodolfo!

The authors of these fine pieces of software deserve recognition. Great work, useful tools. Thanks!

  1. Spectacle (donations accepted) 

  2. Itsycal 

  3. MacDown (donations accepted) 

  4. Cyberduck (donations accepted) 

  5. LICEcap 

  6. Homebrew Cask